THE other day I read an interview with Louise Thompson in Women's Health. I've been obsessively stalking her Instagram for the past few months simply because she has the body mere mortals like me can only dream of; her abs are flat as a pancake and you could probs see her muscles a mile off. So when I saw she was this month's cover star, I rushed out to buy the magazine so I could find out how to turn myself into a toned goddess just like her.

But what really got my attention about the interview was her incredible and unwavering confidence. When asked to rate her body out of 10, the Made in Chelsea star casually responds with the number 10. She then goes onto describe a moment where she noticed herself in the mirror and was taken aback by how great she looked. I know what you're thinking; what an arrogant douchebag, right? And that was my initial thought too. But after pondering over this, I've changed my view.

Wouldn't it be incredible to be that body confident? Our society thrives on making women feel lousy about their figures. From magazines trying to sell you the best new diet around, to protein shakes and size zero models bounding up and down the catwalk, it's not exactly hard to see why we struggle to see clearly about our bodies. In fact, I think I only know one woman who is happy with her figure. Which is INSANE. 

Not only that, but confident women are made to feel arrogant and stuck up. Don't get me wrong; men don't have it easy. But they're not always berated for not having any body confidence issues like women seem to be. Attempting to change our bodies is almost a bonding topic for many of the women I know, me included.

I'm not going to lie, I did read the section of the interview about how to get Louise's abs with concentration. But what I mainly took away from it was that I'd absolutely love to be that happy and confident with my own body. I'd love to feel so proud of it that when I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror or shop window I was pleasantly surprised at my reflection. So rather than focus on the next fad diet or how hard I can push myself to the point of exhaustion in my quest for a hot bod, I'm going to shift my focus on feeling good about myself. Obviously that doesn't mean quitting the gym altogether and stuffing myself silly with chocolate, but I think it's a much healthier focus to have. 

'Til next time.

Daisy xox

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  1. Anonymous15 June, 2017

    Daisy- I think this is so true and not an easy thing to learn when we are taught to see our flaws. And it is interesting to think how subjective these things are- I for one would rather have your body than Louise's (too many and, man...)! So definitely hope you learn to love it!! Maddy



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