THANK gaaaahhhddd that the sun has decided to show his face. I am one of those people that needs sunshine 24/7, so clearly living in this wet and windy country probably isn't the best idea. But since it actually feels like summer all of a sudden, I am living the dream! London seems to come to life when it gets a little brighter, so enjoying the outdoor gems of the city has been a treat (...and when I say outdoor gems, I clearly mean outdoor drinking spots)! 

It's certainly been a long time coming. I bought this dress ahead of my uh-mazing trip to Bali in February and it fills me with joy that I finally get to wear it here too! It's so simple to wear, and that's really what I love about summer fashion.

I'm not about hiding my body away in tonnes of dark layers. People often tell me I dress 'gothic' in winter, which I absolutely hate (it reminds me of being a teenager and being told I looked like an emo because I had dark hair and pale skin - true story, folks). I love being able to chuck on a summery dress, bits of jewellery and a pair of shoes, rather than having to worry about tights, boots, jumpers and jackets. I can finally feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and I feel like myself again! That's why I'm hoping the good weather will last...at least for a little while longer.

What's your favourite season, and how does your style change throughout the year?

I'd love to know!

'Till next time
Daisy xox

Dress, ASOS; shoes, New Look Premium

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 Photography by Martyn L 

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