IT'S a shame that it takes a tragedy like the London Bridge and Borough Market terrorist attacks to make you realise how much you love the city. But that's what has happened to me ever since the atrocity took place earlier this month on June 3, in one of my most frequented and loved areas in London.

I can't possibly begin to imagine the pain those who have been affected by the attacks are going through, or the fear those who witnessed or were victim to the attacks must have felt that night. In just minutes, those Londoners lives changed forever and my heart truly goes out to all of them. Business owners were forced out of their workspaces while the investigation took place and are now facing the prospect of losing business, by which they survive in this insanely expensive city. The entire thing breaks my heart. 

But what has given me hope and filled my heart with warmth and love is seeing everyone come together. From the signs around the city expressing love, to the messages and flowers left on the bridge, it's made me feel prouder than ever. We won't be beaten; we'll come together and fight evil with love.

Frankly I've had no desire to post to my blog or my Instagram since the attack. While I understand that perhaps this attack wasn't as close to others' hearts as it is mine, it feels disrespectful to post about fashion when people are going through such trauma and distress. But seeing the very British 'keep calm and carry on' attitude everybody in the city is adopting, I can't help but feel I need to do the same now. I hope posting an outfit doesn't appear inconsiderate, but posting pictures taken on the streets of this city is my way of offering my condolences and carrying on with the rest of London. 

And please, if you want to help, donate to help the individuals and businesses affected by the terrorist attack here


Sunglasses, ASOS; top, Topshop; trousers & socks, H&M; shoes (on sale now), Office

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 Photography by Martyn L 



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